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Product Characteristics


The self-developed fully automatic control technology fills the domestic technical gap, situated at the international advanced level.

High stability

The equipment adopts the American Rockwell Automalion PLC and industrial tablet PC and is equipped with a large-screen touch HMI (Human Machine Interface) and CCD caliper ADC control system. It owns multiple advantages including good anti-interference, high reliability and convenient maintenance.

High automation

It can realize the automatic control from vacuuming-draining-furnace pressure control-melting-stabilization-dissolving-leading-putting-shoulder-turning shoulder-equal-closing-stopping. It can produce high quality single crystal rods with no misalignment and good equal diameter. Its crystallinity of single-crystal rod reaches over 80%.

High precision

It can realize the high-pixel CCD image visual acquisition technology with optical system produced by Dalsa Company of Canada, and the adjustment is simple. Its software processing ability is strong. When the crystal is introduced, the device can automatically eliminate the measurement error caused by the thin neck sway, and the crystal diameter measurement accuracy is 0.1mm.

Centralized control system (optional)

Through centralized workstations, the device can save more than 60 crystal pull data, operation records, alarms, and growth processes for each furnace in real time. It implements remote login and data access through network functions. Through the quality management system, large-scale centralized management of single crystal furnaces can be achieved so as to greatly improve production efficiency and strengthen quality management. Also, the quantitative crystal pulling process can realize the continuous transformation of crystal pulling process.

EtherNet/IP is built on a master-slave industrial Ethernet system. With extraordinary network performance and outstanding scalability, its performance is about three times that of the industrial Ethernet system, allowing multiple devices to share information. EtherNet/IP can be used to unify development tool database format, communication interface and interface development tools, thus facilitating the realization of centralized monitoring (optional).

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