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The cold wave of polysilicon spread to the upstream

Times: Date: 2019/10/9 14:03:13

Affected by the sluggish downstream polysilicon industry, the days of upstream equipment manufacturers are also sad. Equipment manufacturers have to start selling products at low prices. On August 20, a number of domestic polycrystalline ingot furnace manufacturers revealed in an interview with “Daily Economic News” that the price of a polycrystalline silicon ingot furnace of the United States making Special Advanced Technology Company (GTAT) was originally sold at more than 6 million yuan, but now only about 1 million yuan. According to the reporter, GTAT is one of the world's photovoltaic equipment manufacturers. Polycrystalline ingot furnace is the main equipment used to produce polycrystalline silicon ingots and also the source equipment of polycrystalline silicon battery photovoltaic industry chain.In this regard, some insiders said that with the expansion of the domestic market share of domestic manufacturers, GTAT is afraid that its dominant position in China will not be guaranteed, and thus starts to grab orders with domestic manufacturers. A related person from Beijing Yuntong disclosed that the price of their company's polycrystalline ingot furnace was 2.8 million yuan/set.

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