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Product Structure


The equipment operation process is controlled by a high-performance PLC system imported from Japan and a detection and processing component with a high-speed microprocessor. It enables dynamic detection, high-speed response, automatic control and data exchange. The device is superior due to its safety, efficiency, stability and reliability. The one-way power frequency UPS mounted on the device effectively reduces the loss caused by instantaneous power failure.

High quality

The equipment is based on the company's many years of machining technology and experience. Each process undergoes rigorous quality inspection. The inner wall material is made of imported 316 stainless steel. Both the upper and lower covers are made by integral molding technology, which minimizes the welding process and effectively guarantees the quality of the equipment.


The device has reliable safety features such as overpressure release of the furnace cover, hardware temperature protection, cooling water pressure and flow monitoring. It uses ceramic fiber material + graphite hard felt double safety protection design. Moreover, the device is equipped with an automatic silicon leakage monitoring device to fundamentally prevent the damage caused by the overflow of silicon liquid to equipment and personnel.

High performance

The device uses a unique heating system and insulation measures to make the crystallized surface more horizontal. This ensures the uniformity and consistency of the resistivity of the silicon material during crystallization and improves the yield of the product.


The operating system has a 160G hard drive large-capacity data storage function, multiple language selection functions, and Windows manual operation and automatic operation mode. There is only one part running in the whole technical processing, where alarming is automatic, and no operation staff is required to watch it. This design simplifies the operability and complexity of the device.

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