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Product Structure


Rack, double column

Double-layer ice-cooled structure furnace

Water-cooled valve seat

Crystal stage-lifting rotating unit

Crucible stage-lifting rotating unit

Argon system

Vacuum system and automatic furnace pressure detection control

Water cooling system and various safety devices

Retained secondary feed port

Heater power supply

The all-digital water-cooled power supply unit is independently controlled by the CPU, self-equipped with aLC grid harmonic compensation device.

Computer control system

It adopts PLC and upper industrial tablet PC, equipped with large-screen touch human-machine interface and CCD caliper system ADC. The system can achieve an automatic control over the whole process:  vacuuming – leakage detecting - furnace pressure control – melting – stabilizing – soldering – crystal seeding –shouldering - turning shoulder – equal diameter – ending – furnace stopping.

Main component of seed crystal part


1、The inner wall is made of 304L stainless steel with 316L outer jacket, which is carefully made according to Japanese JIS standards. All furnace components must undergo vibration stress relief, defect inspection, and flaw detection, and leakage detection by a nitrogen mass spectrometer.

2、Employing the domestically developed, unique automatic rotating mechanism of the auxiliary furnace chamber, it can be slowly unscrewed and quickly closed when the auxiliary furnace chamber is lifted into position, by this way to realize the automatic operation of taking the single crystal process.

seed crystal part:The lifting head passed the strict static balance and dynamic balance test. At 25-30 rpm high speed rotation, the seed sloshing is less than 2 mm, which satisfies thedemandsofthe semiconductor process.

Argon component

1、A unique argon-splitting ring structure is adopted to ensure a uniformargon flow during crystal pulling.

2、The argon flow is controlled in an accurate manner, and the argon gas enters the furnace through three paths, equipped with manual operation for emergencies.

Vacuum component

1、Pressure is measured by three meters in sections and segments, with high accuracy.

2、Armed with a furnace pressure control intelligent valve, it can automatically adjust the furnace pressure according to the process requirements.

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